12 Tips to help you make catchy titles!

12 Tips to help you make catchy titles!
Acknowledge the power of catchy titles.  No catchy titles then you can forget it. From social media nobody will click and also in all Google-results nobody will notice you. But what to do? And what are catchy titles? A title is personal. What triggers you will perhaps not even be noticed by somebody else in his timeline. Yet you come a long way if you follow these tips for catchy titles. And then…. Be ready for all those visitors!
1.      Lists, lists and more lists. We love lists, these are easy to scan, and that’s just what we want. There is so much information in one single day. We like to scan it quickly. These lists are super for quick scanning of your visitors.
2.      Use numbers in your title. Whether it’s a list (15 tips) or period  (within on year), numbers always work according to research.
3.     Use the superlative . How about an article titled  "The best blog titles of 2015”
People react on that!!!
4.      And why not immediately give the right answer! “Do you also have to little visitors on your blog? This is the way to get more.”  This will certainly draw the attention of your visitor.
5.      Use the word “how” in your titles. For example: “ How do you get more visitors than your fellow travel blogger” or “How to earn money within a year with your blog”
6.     Uncover secrets. We like to know everything.  Certainly the things other people may not know. "What you did not know about search engine optimization," or "What you did not know about search engine optimisation,"
7.     Solve a problem If  people get the idea you can help them with their problem then you have their attention. Use this in your title. Some examples: “How do you finally improve your visibility of your blog.” Or  “Never more errors in your texts.”
8.     Strange but true, bluff, irony an negativity works. So don’t be afraid to use negative headlines. . "Why your blog traffic can collapse when you stop social media “or “ 20 ways to get rid of your visitors”.
9.     Even words like this , and these make a catchier title: “This works well if you want more visitors, " or " With these tips, you double your traffic!”
10.  In today's society, where everybody is busy,  we like everything quickly , effortlessly and easily.  Take advantage of this knowledge by adding these words to your title.
11.  Strengthen your title with adjectives . "These 20 odd blogs you should see." Or how about "Effortless blog every day? 
12.  Ask (personal) questions. “Do you also have to less visitors on your blog?”  Then you address directly to a large group having that problem. Make sure you direct with “YOU” to the visitor.

“What type of blogger are you?” Is much  stronger then, “What type of bloggers are there?”  

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